How much do I need to put in a week in order to get the most out of your coaching?

Around 15h minimum, 20h is recommended, 25h is optimal if you want to improve at the fastest pace. Everything above faces diminishing returns or is only viable for aspiring professionals.


Is the coaching available on console too?

Yes! As long as you can upload your vod on youtube or twitch we can go over it!


What kind of gameplay can i send in?

For Personal Coaching it has to be either a Competitive Match, Scrimmage or Tournament Game from your OWN POV. It has to be a Loss.


What happens if I can't make it to my session in time?

No problem, simply contact me on discord or via email and we can reschedule! Make sure to check the terms of service to see when sessions are reschedulable!


Can I play multiple characters in the VoD or should I just choose 1?

Ideally you want to pick characters in your heropool, especially in lower ranks most mistakes are very fundamental, so the mistakes I point out on McCree for example would be applicable to someone like Ana as well!


I can't fill in all of the information in the form as of now!

Don't worry, you can fill it out with "Later" or something of the sort and then give it to me via discord once you have a better answer!


I want to use a different VoD than the one I used in my form!

Also not a problem! Just message me on discord with the link to the new VoD.


I don't have a microphone, can we still do the session?

Sadly no, I need to be able to talk to you! You can download discord on your phone and talk to me that way if you want!