MrunMrun Session from RedStainedFriday


MrunMrun Session from RedStainedFriday

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  • Individually prepared sessions

  • At least 60 minutes long (depends on how much you need!)

  • For players between Bronze and Top 100 (Exceptions are possible, contact me!)

  • Player VoD review, Pro VoD review or mechanical practice

  • Private meeting on Discord

  • Coachee exclusive Discord Role!

  • Focus on positioning, ultimate management, ability usage, gamesense, planning or anything you want!

Sessions bought in bulk can be redeemed by multiple players! If you get a 3-pack, you can use one session for yourself, and share the other two with your friends!


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During this session, I check your fundamentals and explain core concepts such as good positioning, movement, team comps, communications, ult economy and much more! Keep in mind that I only use the VoD in this session to showcase the concepts that I explained to you, meaning that we won’t analyze the full gameplay. Full gameplay reviews from start to finish happen in subsequent sessions after we have established the fundamentals. =) Do not get a coaching session if you want to quickly get a higher rank. Get the session if you want all your questions answered, and you want to learn how to get better at the game yourself!