Initial Comments on Team Comp:

-Playing Pharmercy, which means that they most likely want to deny the enemy team the Jumppad area. They may have predicted that the Gladiators will put Asher on Tracer instead of Surefour, putting him on McCree instead. The Tracer probably wants to take control of the Mega around the Pad in hopes that the Gladiators will contest that. The worst thing that could happen is that they can't even get to the Mega because the Valiants Pharah is keeping them in there. Other than that both teams are running a default Winston Tank Combo, which makes sense. Not really because of the map being played, but because it still is a super strong combo. I am pretty sure that McCree on Surefour is also a sort of comfort pick for him, I don't think that they could say for certain that Valiant will run Pharah Tracer, instead of putting Silkthread on Genji, so I wouldn't read too much into that. In my opinion comfort picks are incredibly important and trump going for a meta team comp in the majority of the cases, so putting him on McCree is going to give them an advantage.


So as expected the Valiant do try to take control of the Jump Pad Area, but the Gladiators are actually outplaying them here. Instead of taking the fight around that Area, which doesn't really favor them that much whether Valiant was running Pharah Tracer or Genji Tracer, they decide to run the route opposite of the map. Since Valiant isn't running a Soldier, as expected in my opinion with Silkthread on the roster, the only reason the Valiant would take control of this jump pad area is to deny it to the Gladiators and to fight around that Mega Healthpack which is really strong for flankers. The Gladiators simply avoid that fight, which as mentioned earlier, leaves the Valiant with Jump Pad control they can't really use. This forces the Valiant to rotate all the way to the point. This puts the Gladiators in a weird position, where they are all cramped up between the 2 Minis next to the streets, whereas the Valiants have a Pharah that is controlling the entire rest of the map, including the point. This puts her in a great position, as she can repeatedly spam rockets into those smaller areas, quickly building up Valiants Valkyrie. Just in terms of team comp alone, Valiant has a huge advantage. Gladiators did swap to a Mercy last second, however since they are running Tracer McCree, their Mercy will generally farm less Ult Charge as she has no Pharah to Pocket, and she will be a lot more vulnerable to Valiants Tracer since she has no Pharah to Guardian Angel to. To be honest this is, in my opinion, a pretty big weakness on the side of the Gladiators. City Center isn't a must pick Pharah map like Gardens would be, but I do feel that the Asher and Surefour combo is putting them at a disadvantage for the aforementioned reasons.


Right here we can see Valiants advantage unfold. On the left we can see their Tank Combo and Pharmercy take control of the entire middle section, while their Tracer is now trying to pressure from the right, pushing the Gladiators into that very tight area next to the point, allowing Valiants Pharah to farm ult charge.


This just beautifully shows Valiants plan again. I think that the Gladiators should've contested the Jumppad area. I know what they were trying to do considering their team comp, but the position that they are finding themselves in right now is pretty bad.


It may not seem like it, but this Tracer 1v1 is actually crucial. By now the Gladiators must've realized what's going on and how they are being trapped, but if the Gladiators can actually take down Valiants Tracer, that would increase their chances of winning tremendously, not just because of the first pick, but also because of how important that first pick actually is. What I want to point out is how Valiants Tracer is taking this fight. He is fully aware of his Win Condition. Let me summarize the situation. Gladiators Tracer needs to make a move. She wants to get her team out of that small room, she wants to get Valiants Tracer down. And she also knows that she has a huge advantage, the small health pack right next to her. On the other hand, Valiants Tracer knows that his opponent has that advantage, which is why he plays close to the corner, applying enough pressure to keep the Gladiators where they are, but not going in so far that he might die to them.


Him falling back to the point might have been playing it a bit too safe which allowed Gladiators Tracer to take a bit more space. The Valiant start getting pushed back to the point instead of keeping up pressure on the sides, which can allow the Gladiators to form a sort of Ring around the point. The Valiant really want to be the ones squishing the Gladiators, not the other way around.


Alright, so this I think was a pretty big misplay on Valiants side. Their Tracer dropping the pressure and their Pharmercy clearly not applying enough put them into this weird situation. All of a sudden they are being attacked by the Gladiators Tracer from behind, the rest of the Gladiators from the front, and even their own Tracer finds herself on the middle of the point inside all that mess, which is not a position she wants to be in. Valiants Tracer tried to move towards the Street and attack the Gladiators Frontline from behind, but with Gladiators Tracer being behind him, he would get killed quickly, which forces him out of that Situation. The Valiants Winston gets killed under all this pressure.

Valiants Pharah is actually making a huge mistake in my eyes. She is exposing herself way too much. She should have kept an eye on the enemy McCree and moved to the right so that the Pillar in the middle would block her from the rest of the enemy team, and also allow her to more quickly break line of sight. By the time he realized that a McCree was shooting at him, he was already dead. The fight was already won as soon as the Valiants Winston died, but with their Pharah not securing a counter pick and their Tracer not getting Pulse bomb quite in time, there is no way that they can win this fight at this point. The Gladiators Mercy actually managed to farm more Ult Charge than his counterpart, which I think really shouldn't be the case. The Valiant, in my opinion, didn't capitalize on their superior positioning earlier after they realized that the Gladiators weren't taking control of the Jump Pad area. Instead of playing aggressively, they thought that they could just keep playing safe since they were in control of the point most likely, but with Gladiators Tracer pushing Valiants Tracer back to the Point, and the rest of the Gladiators pushing in from the other direction, Valiant was in the middle of a pincer that really didn't need to happen.


I have no Idea what this Rez was for. It wasn’t smart. Maybe they thought that Valiants Pharah could make it out alive and build her ultimate while the rest of her team regroups, but he died on the middle of the point which really made that play too risky.


Ult economy is pretty important, and at this point in time, the Gladiators have a huge lead. The Valiant have 2 options here. They can either try to dry push, baiting out Gladiators ultimates while farming their own, or they can try to farm their ultimates, engaging the Gladiators in a huge fight with both teams having both of their ultimates. I think which play is smarter really depends on what Valiants Tracer can do with her Pulse Bomb. Gladiators McCree having his High noon up puts an insane amount of pressure on the Valiants Pharah, and since the Valiants don't really have any open area to engage from, whereas the Gladiators have control of the point and everything around it, it's really up to Valiants Tracer to try and take Gladiators McCree out of the fight. This won't be a long-lasting solution because Gladiators Mercy would most likely just rez it, but it can buy them a lot of time and space to follow up that pick with a full engage. The Valiant don't really have any "huge" ultimates like Dragonblade or Tactical Visor, which means that the Gladiators Transcendence will only be of limited use.

1:36 I think it's interesting to point out here that the Gladiators don't put their Backline combo on the Highground. Their combo being Mercy Zenyatta McCree. Now there could be multiple reasons for this:

a:) They anticipate Valiants Pharah to just concussive Blast them down, splitting them up and putting someone out of position for a free pick.

b:) They didn't have enough time. The fight lasted relatively long which means that repositioning might waste time, but I feel like that's unlikely. They probably could've made it.

c:) I'm overthinking this and they just forgot about it or didn't care enough.


One very important thing to notice here that some people probably didn't notice is that Valiants Tracer survived the last teamfight. This was incredibly smart, as she is already set up behind the Gladiators, ready to pincer them together as the rest of her team engages, ideally getting a Pulse bomb stick. This next teamfight is going to be extremely interesting because the Gladiators definitely have the Ult advantage, however, the Valiants have the positional advantage.


I need to point out Surefours Positioning here. This position, in theory, is actually phenomenal, because he is basically untouchable from the Highground and Jumppad area, however in this spot he is extremely vulnerable to Valiants Tracer.


Well, that didn't take long! Valiants Tracer was lurking and waiting for just that opportunity. I feel like he was lacking confidence though. Not just in the last fight, where he was falling back from the fight against the Gladiators Tracer, but also here where in my opinion he jumped in a little too late. Gladiators McCree Surefour probably started to realize that his position might a bit too open, which forced him to fall back. He couldn't really walk forward towards his team because that would get him shot from behind and from the front, so walking backward puts him into a direct fight with Valiants Tracer. There are 2 reasons why playing aggressively here is extremely risky. Valiant Silkthread switched from Pharah to Genji, he is probably more comfortable on Genji and retaking this point as Pharah is incredibly difficult for the reasons I mentioned earlier about there just not being enough space to work with. So that swap was definitely the right call, but with him already dying to Gladiators Winston, getting the pick on Gladiators McCree wouldn't really have as big of an impact, and his team simply doesn't have the follow up strength that they need, especially after throwing away all that Pharah ult charge. And secondly, the only way that Valiants Tracer is going to kill this McCree, is via her Pulse bomb, as it is incredibly unlikely she'll be able to burst through Mercy's healing beam. This adds another handicap to him. And not just that, getting this kill would probably just result in the Gladiators picking him right back up. To be fair, there is a high chance that Gladiators Mercy would have to use Valkyrie for it, as a manual casted rez would probably end with her getting oneclipped, and trading a Pulse Bomb for a Valkyrie can definitely be worth it, however, the risk is pretty high.


But they actually manage to do it. Valiants Tracer finally gets his confidence and decides to go for the Pulse Bomb. Arguably super messy, but it did the job. Their Mercy also popped Valk going for the Rez on Valiants Genji, putting them back at 6. Now that the Gladiators are at a numbers disadvantage, they have to use their ultimates to retake all of this. But look at what happened to the positions. During this play the Gladiators were pushed off from the point, look at how far back Gladiators McCree Surefour died here. This is going to give Valiant a lot of space. In the end, Valiant probably realized that while this play was extremely risky, it is the only way that they can retake the point without giving off too many capture points to the Gladiators. Super high risk, but the fact that he actually got the Pulse bomb kill is incredibly rewarding for them!


Alright, this fight was incredibly chaotic, but to give you the summary, Gladiators Zenyatta used his Transcendence way too late. He could've saved multiple people with it which would drastically slow down Valiants aggressive push and allow them to punish Valiant despite their bad position, however, him using it so late gives Valiant enough time to frag out. I also want to give a small piece of advice for Tracer here since this is a great example. With Tracers Recall it really isn't about how much HP you regenerate, it's more about how much HP you end up with. So for example, recalling from 90HP to 150HP is much better than recalling from 30HP to 100HP, because you still need a health pack to not be in one-shot range.


At this point what the commentators are saying is true. All the Gladiators want here is to just get as much capture percentage as they can. Ideally, they want to get it to around 90-95%, if not 99% percent to ensure that if they retake the point, they won't have to fight another fight. The reason this is important is that the knowledge of the next fight being the last fight is incredibly important. If they plan on retaking the point at 70% capture rate, they can't just throw all their ultimates at the retake itself, because they will then have to fight another fight without any ults, causing a 99/100 lose for them most likely. If however, they know that a retake would be the last fight, then they can just stack all of their ultimates to ensure that they can retake, instead of having to worry about their ult economy in the long run. Not getting 99% is like going to Las Vegas on a Sunday. It's going to suck because you know that you have work to do the next day even though you are in a shit spot.


Right here we can see something interesting happen. Since the Valiants know that the Gladiators aren't playing a Pharah, and quite frankly can't afford to swap to a Pharah considering their Roster and current Ult Status, they can take this Highground Area with no problems whatsoever. The reason they are taking this area is mainly that they want to protect their Mercy. Up here it's going to be much harder for Gladiators Tracer to jump on her. So this is a great example of taking high ground not to boost your offensive capability, but to cripple the enemies effectiveness. The Gladiators, however, can make a smart move here. Knowing the Valiant aren't up here for any offensive gain, but to provide safety to their Mercy, they can play the opposite side of the point. This eventually forces the Valiant to drop down from the point as they cant just let the Gladiators capture it for free. Without Valkyrie Mercy wouldn't be able to maintain her positioning on the high ground without losing out on effectiveness, and since you are always in a permanent state of risk in Overwatch, being in a position with no rewards is always detrimental. I am pretty confident the Valiant know about this. Their best bet would probably be to let the Gladiators either try and contest the Jump Pad, which would probably result in them getting slaughtered, or to go to the opposite side of the point, which would allow the Valiant to pincer them from both sides with ease.


Now it gets interesting. The Valiants weakness has been exposed. The Valiants have absolutely no long range damage, which means that while they still benefit from the defensive advantage of that high ground, they are going to be absolutely useless in terms of damage unless they split up. This allows the Gladiators to start capturing the point without putting themselves in a bad Position. They can simply put someone like their Tracer on the Point to pressure it, while the rest of the team stays out in the open to the side of the point, looking straight into the Valiant knowing that they can't do anything. The Gladiators not hiding behind the Pillar in the center of the point is irrelevant because there is no long-range damage to be scared of. This allows them to maintain relatively good positioning, instead of going into the death trap behind the point. The Valiant realized that they aren't really doing this and that the Gladiators don't get baited that easily, both because they didn't try to contest the high ground and because they weren't completely committing to the point. This forces the Valiant to overrun the Gladiators before they take too much Space. They use their ultimates to try and push back the Gladiators before they get the Space that they need. If Gladiators McCree, for example, would manage to get out into the open, he could be quite devastating with high noon, but by acting early and playing with confidence, they are actually putting themselves into a favorable position. They shouldn't forget however that the jump distance to engage is quite long, and that the Gladiators aren't defenseless, so this fight is actually closer than someone might think.


Considering the fact that they had only captured around 30% of the point, Valiants Genji not using his Dragonblade was a huge mistake. Maybe he was expecting the Gladiators Zenyatta to have Trans, but considering how incredibly late he used it in the last fight and how little he has done so far during the regrouping stage, it was to be expected that he wouldn't have this yet. Maybe Valiants Ult tracker, most likely the Lucio, didn't communicate that clearly and Valiants Genji just assumed that he would have it. Since the Gladiators could take the space they need and weren't being pushed back all the way due to the lack of pressure by the missing Dragonblade, they actually manage to retake after getting their first picks. LA Gladiators Zenyatta Player Shaz is actually doing a lot this game, and the effectiveness of Zenyatta in the Pre Season has been pretty insane. Sleepy of the San Francisco Shock has also been super strong as were all the other Zenyatta players.


At this point, you can see a stark contrast to the way the Gladiators position themselves now compared to how they positioned themselves earlier when they were taking the point for the first time. They were playing much further back, especially Gladiators McCree. The main reason for this is most likely time. They are trying to but as much time as possible. I can't say for sure that they knew that Valiants Genji not using his Dragonblade last fight was one of the main reasons they won, what they did know however is that the last fight was too easy, which usually means that the next fight will become a lot harder, and looking at Valiants Ult Economy, that may very well be the case. So the Gladiators try to go for an early pick by pushing up, hopefully extending the amount of time the Valiant require for a regroup and thus giving them enough time to farm their remaining ults. Worst case, they'll get the point to 99%, best case, they will win.


Unlucky. Getting Valiants Mercy was definitely worth it, but dying here is bad. Really bad. Normally the trade of Mercy vs McCree is amazing, but if the McCree can't get rezzed, you don't really get as much out of it. So now the Valiant have this window of opportunity to engage in a 5v5 while still having a slight ult advantage, with their Mercy respawning and rejoining a lot sooner than Gladiators McCree will. The play was definitely good, but the execution had to be better sadly. Happens even to the best of us and that's ok.


Now, why did the Valiant not push in aggressively here? I feel pretty confident that it's them assuming Valiants Mercy has Valkyrie. If she had Valkyrie, McCree dying out of Position wouldn't really have been a problem. There are 3 main reasons to use Valkyrie. Obviously, there are some other cases but these are the most frequent ones.

a:) Using the mobility to escape
b:) To rez someone who you couldn't rez otherwise because he was out of position and the cast time would kill you
c:) To rez someone when your resurrect is on cooldown

The Valiants were scared of case B most likely and decided to back off to instead wait for their own Mercy to respawn, which was a smart choice considering that it was nigh impossible for them to predict that the Gladiators Mercy didn't have her Valk up quite yet. You can also see how the Gladiators tries to Bodyblock the resurrection and Matrix it, once again showing that they were well aware this play was super risky. This was just a slight misplay from both teams, which is to be expected considering the unoptimized rosters and the fact that these are preseason matches.


This once again shows the Gladiators Strategy. With their McCree pushing up earlier to buy time, they are now putting their Tanks in the frontline, letting them push in by a lot. This allows their Zenyatta and McCree to take up even more space. This play is obviously risky because they are playing so close to the spawn, but considering that the Valiant have only captured 42% so far, giving them a cushion to fall on, and the fact that their Tracer and Mercy basically have their ultimate, playing to win here is a smart choice. They should, however, take the last fight further back. Right here they are taking a fair fight out in the open, which is not really something they have to do. They already have captured enough of the point, they should fall back, which would force the Valiant to squeeze themselves back through the arch area onto the point, giving the Gladiators superior positioning. How much longer they can stall this mainly depends on whether their Tracer is going to land a Stick, but considering that Valiants already lost her Mech, and Winston can be risky to stick because the follow-up damage isn't guaranteed, it's going to be hard for the Gladiators to pressure for much longer.


And this is what happens when they decide to push their luck. They really overstayed their welcome, and since they were standing in the middle of the street they had absolutely nowhere to run here. Gladiators losing their Frontline is understandable, but their Mercy really should not have died to this ult. Maybe she didn't have anyone to Guardian Angel to, or she simply couldn't get out of Line of Sight in time. Considering that the Gladiators lost her mech, Mercy would not have been able to restore the even numbers on both teams, as you can't rez D.vas Mech. Instead of seeing this risk the Gladiators decided to stay pushed up instead of falling back to the point, forcing the Valiant into closer quarters. The main Problem for the Gladiators is that the Valiant don't really need to use many more ultimates for this retake, considering that they have the Mercy advantage, especially since their Mercy is at 90% ult charge. This means that the Valiant are effectively in an 8v4, and you don't really need ults to win that. This will allow them to keep the Dragonblade of their Genji to make up for all that lost Capture %.


The Valiants positioning here is really good. Putting their Main Tank Combo in the center of the point will allow them to easily jump on the Gladiators. Since they know that the Gladiators don't really have the means to take the Highground due to the McCree lacking Range and Verticality; and that the Highground won't really be the best way to retake the point anyway because they'll have to drop down to capture it, they are putting themselves right here where they can jump both main entrances to the front area, while putting their Genji on the side so he can pincer the Gladiators as they engage.


This is actually a play that I think was a bit odd. The Valiants decided to boost over to the Highground, while their Mercy wasn't on the high ground above the point, which forced her to use Valkyrie to save herself. They are getting super greedy. They want to play far back to waste the Gladiators time and force them to take the engage, but considering that the Gladiators have 2 targets that are easily diveable, Zenyatta and  McCree, I think playing aggressively would've been the correct play. This would ideally give them a won teamfight. The momentum of that won teamfight could then have been carried over to the second one to close out the map. Instead, they want to try and make all of this just 1 teamfight. I can get the idea behind that, but I feel like they should have had more confidence and just took 2 fights. Now the main reasoning as to why the Valiant could have been hesitant is the Gladiators Defensive Ults; Valkyrie and Transcendence. Maybe they weren't aware that they didn't have Transcendence, which once again comes down to them potentially not properly tracking and communicating ults, or they were scared of the Valkyrie negating their dive. I don't think it's that though since that would force the Gladiators to pop Valkyrie early, still giving them a net advantage. So I am pretty confident that they wanted to avoid the Trans fight here.


They did eventually go for the engage, although there was definitely some hesitation. Valiants Genji was most likely waiting for his frontline to engage before he uses Blade, so he won't get immediately focussed down. In the end it turned out perfectly. He manages to jump into the split Gladiators and despite some poor mechanical execution on the Dragonblade, they manage to close out the fight. They are however in a really bad situation now. Having used Blade and Valkyrie, the Valiant are looking pretty poor in terms of Ultimates. Since the Gladiators Mercy didn't have to pop Valkyrie, as the fight was over anyway, they will enter the next fight with 2 defensive ultimates. This is going to make a retake incredibly hard. The big boy play here would be Valiants Tracer landing a stick on the Gladiators Mercy. That play would immediately win them the next fight, but that is super difficult to do and I wouldn't really count on that. The main problem is that the Valiants doesn't have her Ultimate yet. Not only would her Self Destruct do really well against a Mercy, especially when she is using Valkyrie, since a Valking Mercy prefers to fly as high up as possible, it would also completely negate a potential Transcendence by the Gladiators. The best plan for the Valiants is probably to take the next fight rather slowly, farming up their ultimates and just getting to 99%.


Once again I'd like to point out the way the Valiants position themselves here. Since they are in it to just stall for as long as possible, they don't position themselves directly above the point but instead took control of the jump pad area. This allows them to avoid direct confrontation and thus stall until they ideally get their ultimates to beat the Gladiators in a pretty even fight in terms of Ult economy. The way that Valiants Flankers Position themselves is also good, with Tracer scouting out when the Gladiators are starting to push in. They are very much aware of the fact that the Gladiators are under a lot of pressure, considering that they need to touch the point, and they are also aware of the Gladiators being scared of Stacking together, as that would make them super vulnerable to Valiants Winston or Pulse Bomb. So Valiants Flankers are waiting for the frontline to push in so they can jump on the backline and hopefully get that Mercy pick we talked about earlier which would basically give them the instant win. The Gladiators are actually making a mistake here, at least from my perspective, it doesn't look like they were really aware of the Valiants Flank Positioning. The reason I am saying that is that the Gladiators backline decide to walk towards the point via the left gate instead of the right one, which would be much farther away from the Highground, allowing them safer Passage. Now, this is one of those gambling situations, where it really is like Rock Paper Scissors. If the Valiants Flankers position themselves on the opposite side of the Highground, then the move the Gladiators make here would have been good, on the other hand since the Valiants are positioning themselves on the Highground side of the map, the Gladiators Positioning is incredibly risky. Earlier you could even see the Valiants Frontline hiding around the wall, which really showcases their plan.


This was a huge mistake by the Valiants Tracer. She decided to walk to the point WAY too early before the fight has even started. With flankers, you really want to try and not put yourself in the middle of a fight, especially not before your own Tanks have engaged. You usually want to walk along the edges of a fight, picking off enemies that are split off from the team. Not only this, but she didn't seem fully aware of her Win Condition. If she would've waited just a few seconds longer, she would've seen the Gladiators backline walk out, try to go for a stick, and secure the entire point right there and then.


Now the Valiant are in a really bad position. As the Gladiators Mercy got to pop her Valkyrie, she is flying up in the air, making her basically untouchable by the entirety of Valiants Team comp, and as the Gladiators Zenyatta is going to quickly farm up his Transcendence, this fight is going to be a lot harder than it had to be for the Valiant. Valiants Tracer missed the opportunity, and the best target for him to stick now would be the Gladiators McCree. He can't really stick their because she'll just use her Ult and get the Mech back most likely, and the Winston has his Primal rage, so he wouldn't die to it. I doubt that he was aware of the Gladiators Zenyatta not having his trans yet, so sticking him would have also been a gamble since he could've just popped it to survive it.


And this is the Valiants Tracers poor Positioning going into full effect. Standing in the middle of the point made her vulnerable from basically all sides, allowing even a McCree to get her from behind. This pick alone is really not that great, however, the Valiant still have a Rez. In this current situation, the Valiant really need to just outperform the Gladiators in order to win, as the odds are definitely stacked against them, in terms of Ultimates and positioning.


Really great how the Valiants Genji sees 3 targets but realizes that none of them are really killable by himself, so he decides to back off in order to stop the bleeding of the Valiants Tracer just dying, rejoining with his Frontline and finding the target they are focussing so he can secure a kill. This "Screw it" mentality is really important, being able to see situations and just realizing that they are not worth your time and you should go look for better opportunities somewhere else.


This teamfight is similar to the ones before, in that one team, in this case the Valiant, possess the advantage in terms of Positioning; whereas the other team, in this case the Gladiators, have a huge Ultimate Advantage. Now the Gladiators Zenyatta has his Transcendence, which makes it even harder for the Valiant to actually secure any kills, and the Valiants Winston can only stall for so long using Primal Rage. He did stall long enough to actually give the Valiants her Self-destruct, which is huge. Considering that the Gladiators Valk is running out, the Valiant now possess 2 Ultimates that can completely negate the Gladiators Transcendence. And this is their ticket to actually win this despite the Gladiators basically having twice as many Ultimates.


It's really beautiful to see a play come together like this. As soon as the Gladiators used Transcendence, Valiants realized that this is where the Gladiators will gain this false sense of security, clumping up right out in the open like here. With Valiants Genji pushing in from behind, the Gladiators don't really have anywhere to go and are pretty exposed to this Self Destruct. They did manage to kill the Valiants Winston, which was probably as misplay on his part, however, there is a low chance that this was actually his plan, that he was trying to act as bait, putting the Gladiators into even more feelings of security. I am probably reading too much into it but if that was their actual plan I am pretty impressed.


And then a huge mistake happens. He simply misaimed his Self Destruct and fired it off too late. The Gladiators did not get into a safe position in time and had the Self-destruct been aimed just a little better, this would have resulted in an easy double if not triple kill. However, this does put the Gladiators into an incredibly bad position. Not only are they super squished together, they also can't escape much further, allowing them to walk off even more from their front line. This makes them incredibly easy targets for the Valiants Flanker Combo. Some may think that the Valiants Genji was making a wrong play focussing the Gladiators McCree here, considering that he was both Harmony orbed and Mercy pocketed, however he really wanted to keep pushing this because he knew how out of position they were, and the Valiants Tracer and Genji actually show some great synergy here, taking their entire backline down within a few seconds.


Probably pretty happy about getting those frags, and thinking that he could simply clean up the rest of the fight, the Valiants Genji actually decides to go to the point, not realizing that his HP is basically nonexistent. He should've just taken the Mega next to the Jump Pad, to be honest. Unlucky, even some of the best forget to look at their health sometimes, but that's ok. With his death, the Valiant do lose out on a lot of their killing potential, which makes the rest of the fight a lot harder, and the Gladiators Tracer has all the space she needs around the point now.


This shows how important it is that both flankers are alive when running a Tracer Genji combo. The Valiants Tracer is simply lacking the damage to confirm any kills, which wouldn't have been a Problem if he had a Genji backing him up. Valiants Genji was also incredibly close to his Dragonblade, which would've once again helped with closing this out.


At this point, they really just want to stall. They know that the Gladiators don't have the ultimates while they do, so all they need is some time for everyone to respawn and close this out. It's also interesting to see how the Gladiators have basically completely changed their team comp at this point in time. This makes sense because they don't really have the time to farm up more ultimates, so they pick characters like Soldier and Reaper, whose strength lies in their main kit and primary fire instead of their ults, and a Lucio who can bring those 2 characters back from spawn straight to the fight. Another reason why the Soldier and Reaper are a good pick, is because of their self sustainability. Since they are playing a solo support comp with barely any healing since they mainly needed the Lucio for the speed boost, they really need to be able to fight this fight without relying on a second healer.


The Gladiators planned for the short term, so them losing their Soldier is a big blow. This is a war of attrition, which heavily favors the Valiant as they still have their Mercy who is also very close to a Valkyrie, so at this point, the win is basically guaranteed for the Valiant as long as the Mercy stays alive.


Which she doesn't, so the Valiant lose their main advantage. This I think is incredibly interesting. The Valiant could have avoided this entire advantage had they just killed the enemy supports earlier when they were at 99%, but they failed to do that, so now the Gladiators come around and show them how it's done, taking down Valiants Mercy player Kariv and securing the win. This entire game was such a rollercoaster it's insane, and the fights were insanely close, however both teams made major mistakes that should've been avoided.