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Can't wait that long? None of those times fit your schedule?
Get a custom appointment with Priority Scheduling!

Priority Scheduling

Did you see the average waiting time and thought to yourself "Ok, how am I supposed to plan literally 30 days ahead?!". Don't worry, you aren't alone, and while most players can deal with the waiting times just fine I decided to offer the option for coachees with less time to get a session that's a little earlier!


So how does this work? Simple! First you send me a message via Discord ! You'll have to join Discord anyways for the coaching session, so it's a good idea to get on it sooner rather than later.

Once you are on there we will have a quick chat and figure out when you want your sessions. Let's say the average waiting time is 25 days, but you want a session in 2 days, or maybe the available slots don't fit your schedule very well, which is why you want a custom appointment!

So if you come from Australia for example none of my times would be super comfortable to you, and you are also a super busy person so scheduling 25 days in advance is not an option. You message me on discord, and together we decide to have an appointment 2 days from now at a time that is normally inaccessible to regular customers, let's say 11PM EST, which is out of regular coaching hours, but might just be the perfect time for someone in Australia wanting to get some coaching!

All you have to do now is purchase this Express Coaching Item and I will manually add your appointment to my schedule and off we go!

Keep in mind that regular Terms of Service apply, including the refund policy!

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