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I also offer Gameplay Check-Ups! They are a great way for you to evaluate your progress on the stuff we covered and keep you on the right track!

Gameplay Check-Up (PC/Console)

Ever wanted to get some advice on your gameplay by a professional without commiting to a full 60 minute session?
You already had a session and are wondering if you are actually making progress, but you don't want to get another full session just to find out?
You are busy and don't have the time or money to take 60 minutes out of your day?

Then these Gameplay Check-Ups are perfect for you! They are 30 minute Gameplay Reviews in which I directly tell you what's good or bad, why it's good or bad, and how you can fix your mistakes!

You get a free 5 day coachee pass with every Check-Up, so you can ask questions regarding your Check-Up in the following days!


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Personal Coaching Session (PC/Console)
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