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The following reviews are from the current season of coaching (started 1st of may, still ongoing)


I found ioStux through his lazy aim video back in April 2018.
When I got my first session I didn't know what to expect. I was worried that most of my losses happened because of weak mechanics or poor communication, but ioStux made me realize that my issues are way more personal.
Having worked with hundreds of people on every skill level, ioStux not only has a great understanding of the game but also a player's mentality, which makes it easier to follow his thought process.
He does a great job explaining your bad habits to you.
However, ioStux isn't only focussing on the negative plays, he also tells you when you did something right and explains why that was the correct play.

ioStux gives you an idea of your flaws and something to look out for when doing your own VOD reviews, which gives you a feeling of improvement no matter if you win or lose a ranked game.
He makes it clear that the goal isn't climbing to a certain rank, the goal is self-improvement.

His motto is "once a coachee, always a coachee", which means that you aren't on your own right after the session.
If you still have questions after the session, ioStux doesn't abandon you, he answers them in the same constructive way.

ioStux doesn't rush the session, so you are able to take your time and use it more efficiently.

In conclusion, ioStux is a great coach and I certainly got my money's worth out of one session.



Before I begin I would like to explain some context. I have over 3000 hours of professional coaching for martial arts/MMA, when I hear ioStux explain things I can tell that he truly has a master level understanding of the game. I was ready to give up on Overwatch. I felt like I had hit my peak. I thought I was never going to be able to reach my goals. One session with ioStux and he found the core issue with my game play. It wasn't fringe tweaks, it wasn't superficial recommendations, it was the actual core issue with my game. After really sitting down and having him explain in detail what was actually wrong with my play style I went on a 3 game win streak (only stopped because it was late.) These weren't close games either. This was full EZ CLAP LUL games. I saw exactly what he was talking about and it clicked immediately. I saw actual IMMEDIATE improvement. If you are on the fence about purchasing a session from this master of a coach you need to pull the trigger now, it's worth every single penny. Session was professional, the explanations were clear, it was like watching Michael Jordan dunk from the free-throw line, you just have to sit back and be amazed. So in conclusion, this will surely not be my last session from this man, and if you are interested please do yourself a favor and purchase a session. This is coming from a perma tilted plat in the chat: ioStux reformed me. Poggers.


I am realy happy that i decided to take a full coaching session. It has helped me to see my own mistakes.

Patrick D

Stux was excellent. The reviews do not lie-- he has a very firm understanding of the game-- that much is clear, and he is able to interpret your gameplay and your words clearly and analyze exactly what the root of your problem is. He is good at reiterating the recurring issues in your gameplay, and makes sure you walk away with actionable advice so you can begin to improve immediately. For me, he has helped clear up some of the misconceptions and opened my eyes to some of the glaring mistakes I was making. He'd be an excellent teacher for any subject-- but you can tell he's passionate about the game of Overwatch. If you're debating the value of a coaching session for a second....stop-- book now. He can help you!

The Reviews below are from the previous coaching season, so between 6 months and 2 years old.


Very thorough review of my game play. Pointed out mistakes and game play decisions that have an impact in team fights, and how to avoid such mistakes and make better decisions. :)

AJ Sherinian

Great coaching. Definitely helped me out. 10/10 would do again, and most likely would.

Austin "TuckTuckFloof" Ashmore

100000000000000000000/10. Super Eye opening for what I need to do to accomplish my goal and make my dream a reality AS WELL as tips and tricks to improve in the game overwall. Thank you iostux.


Very honest coach with a firm grip on bringing you to reality. Not afraid to show your mistakes and let's you know exactly what you need to work on. 100% worth your time and money.

Morgan M.

After completing my first session with iostux, I feel ready to take on competitive Overwatch. His explanation of the game leaves out any grey areas and gives you a clear path on what to work on in order to improve. His coaching style is fun, interactive, and thorough. I look forward to completing the rest of my coaching sessions with him and continuing my climb through the ranks.


Iostux was super informative! He explains things in a way that is easy to grasp. Great session!


Great session with ioStux, very calm and knowledgeable individual. Interaction was cordial and professional, would recommend.

Varut Andrei

The coaching session was a little more than I expected. His tips are clear and straight to the point and he makes you feel like you're his friend. Just after the session I climbed 150 SR. I'm definitely up to more sessions until T500 and maybe even more. :)

Travis P

He helped me realize why so much of what I do is wrong, things that I thought were good plays, were just bad. I was misinformed and misguided on what i could and should do, and he told me what i really need to focus on. I now have a clear path ahead of me on what I need to do in order to improve.


Very straight to the point

Kyle Vondra

Incredibly smart, love his coaching style of being down-to-earth and real with you. I learned a lot and will use all of his advice.


Hat mir die Augen geöffnet


Fun session. Pinpointed pressure points and cleared a lot of misconceptions about warming up and how to improve. Have clear direction on what to do in the future and looking forward to improving.

Morgan ( Einao ) Henderson

All around a great guy! Sometimes talks a bit fast but he is extremely good at explaining things in such a way that it doesn't matter. So much information comes at you during a coaching session but somehow it seams to all stick. No matter how fast it is. While each session is only an hour long, the amount of information ioStux provides during that hour makes it seam much longer. A wonderful experience and I would recommend his coaching to anyone who is thinking about it. Completely worth every second.


The coaching session was very eye opening and really put things in perspective. IoStux will definitely point you towards the right direction and guide you through it. 5 Stars!


Iostux is very good coach, I learned a lot of things i can improve my Genji skills on

Justin Alexander

I really enjoyed the game play checkup. I got roughly the same quality as a 60 minute session, just condensed. I feel like it really is worth every penny.


I found the coaching session really helpful and helped to actually humble me and realize what I'm doing wrong (versus the general saying "I'm bad," by failing at something obvious). The analogies are great and helped me to get a better understanding of what's being told and I was able to learn about what I was doing wrong that I didn't even know I was doing wrong in the first place.


Very constructive, honest feedback. IoStux gives good basis on the ground for improvement, where to start, and covers both the in game and mental aspects of performance well.


Best coach ever- showed me how what I was doing was actually ruining the game for everyone else on my team, really taught me how I was being a nuisance to my team and feeding the enemies so much ult charge!


I felt like I had peaked, couldn't pick out anything else I could improve on. Less than 15 minutes with this guy and I suddenly have my eyes opened to new world of plays and impact I can have on a game. Absolutely fantastic.

Joshua Brougham

Extremely helpful and very through explanation. Helped point out a lot of mistakes I make often and on how to improve them and how to become a better team player.


Professional and Very Knowledgeable, I look forward to future sessions!


great, very helpful with clear objectives. Having someone go over this is so helpful, I can't even put it into words. Looking forward to the next one!

Gregor Stempfle

Gute Session, Viel info vor allem was die Amateur scene angeht (da gibt es als Außenseiter immer nur wenige Infos)

Good session and good advice. I think anyway you should look at coachee age: I'm not 12 years old and I can handle if I do something wrong. I'm looking forward for the next session :)


Game play check up was exactly what I needed- ioStux found many things for me to work on and mistakes that I need to correct. It was compact and a good addition to the full sessions that I've already had with him.


In just one session he was able to clear up my hero pool, utterly destroy my game play and show me mistakes, that I thought I stopped doing. It is really helpful, if you're stuck and don't know what you're doing wrong or what you should focus on, when playing the game.

Dorion Boesch

Session was really good. Very straight-forward and told me what I was doing wrong, and how to fix it. Also was helpful in answering all my questions. Definitely will be getting another coaching session with him.


Learned exactly why I'm currently a gold scrub. Definitely buying another session!


Everything as advertised and better: if you want to rank up, this is the way to do it.


10/10 would recommend!


ioStux is a fantastic coach. I've tried many free coaching services from other sources, and they simply couldn't tell me where or why I was wrong. I got a coaching session with ioStux, and he immediately got down into how I was doing key elements of my kit wrong, and how to reorient in the right direction. He gave me great advice on how to improve my practice and warmup, and didn't shy away from calling out the questionable plays I would make. I'm very grateful for his honest and straightforward disposition towards reviewing- he doesn't beat around the bush or mince words. He was efficient, clinical, patient, and most of all, he would take moments I did things wrong, explain out excellent analogies, and use them as a teachable moment. He didn't just say " You doing X was wrong, you should've done Y. " He frames the whole thing with vital context and easy to picture metaphors to drive home *why* it's a mistake, so you understand the means behind it to better understand the means to fix it. I will definitely approach ioStux in the future with my coaching needs, his quality of coaching vastly supersedes anything that I've done before.a


I just had my second session with IoStux and what can I say. Awesome, just awesome. I've learned so much again. He has a great way explaining things. He comes straight to the point and also gives you the chance to figure out things yourself so you remember them better. Really great. Hope I can get another Session really soon.


Really good and helpful coaching session. Learned many things which I have to fix in my game play and also some quick fixes. Immediately improved some of my play mistakes. Very professional and good knowledge coach. Highly recommended. Looking forward to the next one.


The coaching ioStux provided was very thorough and eye opening. Things that you thought you knew well about the game are put in a different light that may have you scratching your head, but, then he explains them in a straightforward way that leaves you asking "How did I not realize this before?" If you care about improving this will be an 11/10 experience that I can't recommend highly enough.


I enjoyed the session with IoStux. I do not play as many hours as most competitive players, and I don't have a goal of climbing the ranks into top 500. My husband signed me up for the session. IoStux met me where I was, and helped me better understand the game and the role of different characters. He showed me some "basics," and also helped me improve on my main character. It was definitely eye-opening to things I hadn't realized, even though I have watched many of his videos. Coaching with IoStux is enjoyable and beneficial, even if you don't feel anywhere near a "pro" player. I highly recommend his services.


Helped me so much! It's really great to have someone look through what you're doing and help change your frame of mind. Lots of helpful suggestions, and would highly recommend-- just a really chill atmosphere which makes it easy to laugh at your mistakes. Thanks again. Cheers!


Very effective and to-the-point. I enjoyed how Iostux wasn't worried about telling me what's needed to be said. Simplified a lot of things I over-complicated for myself, and provided many insights that I have never thought of before.


Harsh but honest, Iostux's session was a wake up call to me and has helped me realize that my own mentality was toxic and holding me back


Had an amazing coaching session! Literally blew my mind with his knowledge of the game. If you are looking to improve your skills, ioStux is your guy. 100% recommend!!

Jamie McGlade

The session was great, Iostux showed me what I was doing wrong and how i could improve on what i was doing. He told me a list of things to do and a list of things I did wrong and how i would notice if I did them in game. He answered all of my questions perfectly and I believe this will really help me get better


He was very nice and wasn't condescending even though he had to explain the basics of tracer to someone crap like me who thought that he knew better.... so thank your for the hour that you donated out of your life for me, it has really put things into perspective :)

James Young

ioStux coaching methods is perfect on how to improve your game play within Overwatch. Talking with ioStux makes you feel very comfortable. His style of teach of teaching enforce the basics of Overwatch and realizing what kind of mistakes that your making during the VOD review. Thank you again.


I tried his coaching session just because i wanted know how it was and i most say i was pleasantly surprised i got a lot out of the session and much new info


Great 60+ minute coaching session! At first ioStux analyzed my vod to get an overview about my game play. After this he spectated me in a comp match to give me some tips/advice to handle specific situations.


ioSTUX helped me a lot just from 1 session, learning the basics and applying to in game really helps with improvement keep up the good work my dude


Worth it! ioStux was very patient and knowledgeable. ioStux opened my eyes to many of my weaknesses and provided some positive feedback as well. I look forward to future sessions.


Was a good coach for me and made me realize what I am doing wrong. The 1 hour went quickly but it was worth it. I recommend the service if you're trying to get better.


He discussed so much with me that I never would have thought of, highly recommend.


I really appreciated the directness and simplicity that ioStux brought to the review. He tells it straight and uses that honesty to guide your understanding away from muddled or misguided towards a very clear sense of what you should be doing differently. Not even five minutes in and I had a list of elements of my game to improve that seem so obvious in hindsight, like he wiped away the grime from my self-perception and let me see it for what it was: bad habit. If you felt lost about your play style or knowledge of the game, ioStux will quickly set you straight. (Just make sure your ego can take the day off and go spend some time at the spa, or something.)


ioSTUX coaching was exactly what I was looking for; Brutally Honest feedback that cuts right through the nonsense and down to business. If you are looking to improve, this is exactly what you need to get you started. Just be sure to have a thicker skin when coming into your class, because when I mean honest feedback, I mean HONEST :P Thanks for the class ioStux, definitely will be booking one again in the future.


THANK YOU! Just 1 session in and I already think more about how I play the game. ioStux really opened my eyes as to how much was actually wrong with my gameplay when I initially thought it was just 2 main things. He has helped me to really play better and play mindfully!

Elijah Garcia

it was a good review was a bit awkward but I learned a lot


I got a huge number of my misconceptions about the game cleared up and learned how to approach learning the game better to help fix some of my weaknesses. Awesome session. Would recommend.

Brian Marcus

Great, he illuminated so many things that I wasn't aware I was doing. Improving on your own is always helpful and should be something that we all strive for. However, having an educator illuminate the things that you are unconsciously doing incorrectly really moves your education and improvement along. Iostux did all this. I am garbage now, but i won't be forever.


Wow ! it took only 4 minutes of gameplay for Iostux to spot the fundamentals I need to focus on and now I have a very precise guideline for the next couple of months. Iostux was able to put words on things I didn't know how to figure out (ex : How to really die less). The talk before reviewing the VOD is also super interesting and helped me a lot to trust myself a bit more and establish a clear vision about the game. Now let's hard focus on those things to improve ! Congrats Mr Coach, I'll come back to you for sure !!!


I watched my vod over and over and could not really quite grasp exactly why we lost the game except that the enemy team was "better". In the first 30 seconds Iostux told me to stop feeding, and over the course of the session helped me identify a number of things I could improve on starting immediately. This was great! Really looking forward to putting the session to practice, and to future sessions :) Thanks again!


Seriously opened up my eyes and showed me how there were many more mistakes with my game play than what I'd thought. 1 session in and I already feel like I'm able to climb right now! Also supplied everything I needed to be a better player and so much more!

Richard "GigaBrain"

Receiving coaching from ioStux was an incredible eye opening experience for me. I could never truly figure out what my mistakes in game were but he made everything so clear. I really appreciate his coaching being so blunt and straight to the point. Anyone considering coaching should do it ASAP and discover the vast amount of knowledge ioStux possesses.


Helped me with my fall, thanks for all the help! It's really starting to show in my games how much of an impact it is,


Iostux was really informative and gave a lot of insight into things that I didn't pay attention to myself. Iostux is a very engaging instructor and asks you questions about your own approach, then goes into depth on the answer so that you are able to understand it. Dude gets right to the point and the root of the problem which I for sure appreciate. Definitely recommend him if you're looking to improve at the game.


I've just got my first session with iostux and what should I tell you. He helped me out a lot and showed me, that I had no idea how to play my Hero effectively. I've learned more in 60 Minutes than I've learned in the past few months. I am really looking forward to my next session with him. I can recommend this to everyone who really wants to get good at this game.


10/10 ign


No bullshit, just straight up said what was bad. What I was looking for. Will defintely help me improve, thanks a lot ! :)


Recently I purchased a coaching session by Iostux, I saw his youtube videos and thought it would be a good investment to get a coaching session. I found them to be a bit expensive but after I had my first session I know why they are priced like this. Iostux is truly an awesome coach with insane understanding of the game. He clearly pointed out my mistakes and how I prevent making them in the future, leaving no confusion whatsoever. I recommend a session to anyone who is trying to improve in Overwatch. This truly will help you out a lot.


Totally worth it, will use his services again. I was kinda stuck in low platinum for the last 2 seasons and couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong. Since the session I have fragged harder than ever and fed far less than I used to. He notices things you are doing wrong that you’d never think about.


After a session everything made sense. Everything that you're doing wrong will be put in plain sight, right in front of you. Simple as that. And not to mention the hour flew by like the session was 10 minutes; there was always something informative and constructive to hear and his commentary on my gameplay in general was entertaining. Would HIGHLY recommend to everyone.


I realized how stupid I was playing... this is honestly so helpful, would recommend to anyone!


IoStux does a great job on making sure you understand everything he is teaching you. Everything he says is clear and precise. His materiel on a single subject is very deep. He also was able to fix my technical problems with recording.


It´s been a very eye opening session. Very helpful advice of how to make good plays and what to focus. Just want to open OW and start working in his suggestions. Thanks dude, great job ;)


Not only made suggestions on my gameplay, but helped me fix issues with OBS because my video quality was shit. Thank you my dude!


I feel much more confident about the game. IoStux was able to take the knowledge he has and explain it in an effective and relevant way! I can't wait to see the skills in game, and hopefully I can challenge his ranks sometime soon!


Everything went fast. Learned something that I can put into practice right away. We'll see if that helps.


I expected a VOD review, which I actually didn't get, but what I got was more valuable. He showed me how to properly look at my own VODs to improve my game, teaching me how to fish instead of feeding me. I did however find it a bit hard to relax, as I knew his method of blunt honesty could make it harder for me to be 100% open. Still, I do believe that this is just a personal issue from my side, and all in all, Iostux is definitely the coach that will give you some of the the best tips and tools in the world for improving at Overwatch.


Very Insightful comments, Incredibly knowledgeable about the game. Willing to answer questions about any role and hero. He's very direct and to the point. He genuinely wants his coachees to improve and you can see his passion for coaching by the way he reviews your gameplay and explains what he thinks you should mostly improve on. To really maximize your session, I recommend having a vod to review, and a set of questions you have about the heroes you want to improve with.


This session made me think about things i did not think about before. It made me realize just how much more things there are i can improve on. Big thanks to IOStux for his tips ! To Anyone hesitating to order such a session i would certainly recommend it !


The analysis is on point. There is no sugarcoating and you just get honest review on your gameplay AND how you can possibly fix it. You can also notice how he goes WTF all over your gameplay from how horrible it is.


Extremely great coaching. He helped me think of the game in different way and pointed out weaknesses that I personally would not have even noticed. IoStux is very very knowledgeable and can really improve your game 10 fold!


great session learned a lot really good coach

Ethan "TuorSoren"

ioStux definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to Overwatch. His knowledge of game sense and the roles of characters helps him to be informative to players of any tier and role. He will be brutally honest when he sees something in your game play he disagrees with, but he knows what he is talking about. As long as you can come into a lesson with ioStux with an open mind, you can truly learn a lot and improve your gameplay.


Objective, efficient, I got pointed out my main weaknesses and (this is the important part) the steps needed to improve on them. I'll be having 2 more sessions. :d


Eye-opening session, really pinpointed some key things I need to work on such as grenade usage, positioning, and when to switch to other heroes/know when my hero isn't working out. Friendly guy, used clear and easy-to-understand examples, gave lots of interesting tips and advice and I'll definitely be buying another session sometime in the near future after working on the things I discussed with ioStux in the VOD review! Cheers ioStux :D


Great Coach, very intelligent and resourceful, he teaches in a very constructive, fun and effective way. Just finished my first coaching session and it was totally worth it. 5/5


Although the session wasn't any news that I've never heard i think it was an excellent starting session. We talked a lot about "Alpha Mentality" which i think to you is probably my biggest downside both in and out of game. Things like not letting a team push me around or even me seeing that a team isn't worth MY time. I think that self doubt and timidness are reasons that I don't excel in scrims and are problems that needed to be addressed straight off the bat. Along with mental behavior, I need to start making my own pushes as a tracer and not let my teams play dictate my play. I really enjoyed how Stux didn't hold back and he was very open with banter. He assured me that he can see some mechanical talent but that as a player i need to show up and do my best individually each and every game and if I don't do that, ill have a lot more scrims like the one we reviewed. I'm ready for my next 5.


My session with iostux was awesome and so worth it. I sent in a vod where I thought I played "about average", and l got an eye-opening look at just how good my "average" really is compared to what I thought :) We spent time both on low-level tactical and mechanical improvements I could be making, as well as high-level concepts that already have me rethinking my approach to the game. I'm really excited for next season to put some of his advice to work!


ioStux's coaching was just what I needed to get out of a stagnate place and start improving as a player (and gaining rank- I had been stuck in the same 200 SR range for several hundred games). He helped me learn the things I'd have never figured out just by playing the game, and accelerated the time it would have taken me to figure them out with self-reviews and other forms of out-of-game study (which, to be honest, I didn't even know were necessary, or how to do). I wasn't looking for excuses as to why I couldn't gain rank, and that's good, because he didn't give them. He is all about helping players learn how to do better what is within their control and not concern themselves with what they can't do anything about. He was direct and honest about my play, which not only helped me have a realistic assessment of where I was, but also gave me confidence that the things he assessed I was doing well were actual strengths that I could leverage. Overall, a session with ioStux helped me feel like I was playing the game more correctly, and this made it more fun, which at the end of the day is what this is supposed to be about. I have done two sessions now, and I think they have both been extremely high value.

Sam Greenblatt

IoStux is clearly incredibly knowledgeable and articulate in communicating how a player could best improve. He is a wonderful and useful coach an I greatly benefited from my session with him!


Good coach, cool guy, gets the point across quickly and told me exactly what I needed to know to improve as a player. Has very good knowledge in all heroes and will know what is holding you back right away. I saw quick improvement in my gameplay after the coaching session and allows questions after the session for the next 5 days if you have the coachee pass with the session. Definitely worth the money in the end.


Overwatch Jesus has done it again. He doesn't care about money. He doesn't want you to come back session after session. He genuinely wants his students to improve and he makes sure of that by giving you all the tools required to improve.


ioStux is brutally honest, his criticism will force you to take a deep, objective look at yourself, your goals and your play style within Overwatch, If you're looking to improve as a player or identify weak areas in your gameplay; I highly recommend his services. His attention to detail, game sense and overall knowledge of the game is highly insightful and worth the money. Just be ready to get gut punched (check your ego at the door) 9/10 would do again.


I just had my coaching session with IoStux, and I can't even explain how good it was with words. He doesn't sugarcoat things and lets you KNOW when you fuck up. I have never met somebody as good at teaching a game as him and I am currently saving up for a 2nd session.


Great first coaching session! Really helped with pointing out some fundamentals which I need to work on in my play. Super chill and honest from ioStux - didn't sugar coat any of my issues so I know exactly what to work on next! 10/10 would do again :D Cheers, Mike.

William Everton

What more can you say but you will wish the session goes longer, there is that much to good content to take in. For clarity im SILVER SR. Initially we went through the the required order questionnaire, noting initial strengths and weakness we just a few minutes in drilling down to what I need to change in order to succeed. We discussed topics such as how much time i have to play, what heroes I should play given my hero pool, what I could bring to the table from life experience and some basic goal setting, impressive right out of the starting gate is all I can say. After that we went into the VOD Review, It was exactly the wake-up call that I needed, he said he didn't want to sound petty or nit-picky with what he pointed out, but the fact is it wasn't, it was what i was when pointed out CLEARLY DOING WRONG. We discussed positioning, sight lines, ingress and egress routes, did i stand somewhere for to long or not enough, why am I not snowballing the other team when we had the advantage etc etc the list goes on... I cant stress this next sentence enough: EVERY SINGLE POINT HE MADE WAS RELEVANT, FACTUAL, USEFUL and APPLICABLE TO MY LEVEL AND ABILITY. There was not a single part of the session where there wasn't a take-away for later use that couldn't be immediately applied the very next game. I cant wait for my next session in the new year. Thank you ioSTUX, it was one of the best learning hours I've had for a very very long time.

Gabriel Visram

Gives great analysis of vods with no sugar coating really helps me see what I'm doing wrong


His coaching was very amazing, understandable and helped me improve. I rate the session 10/10. I really recommend buying one.


Iostux was Knowledgeable and patient, even kinda funny. All his advice felt right on point. Now time to execute. Thanks again Iostux. Keep up the good work.


I appreciated this Coaching session a lot as Iostux maintained a sense of professionalism and friendliness while also giving me critical advice. I am very thankful and also feel very enlightened on aspects of Overwatch and myself for that matter. 10/10 would recommend :)


The information provided in the session was surprising. Things were pointed out that I was completely backwards on. The tools and strategies provided were very much appreciated. They offer a clear and helpful path towards improving myself as a player, both with the character I submitted to be reviewed on, but also for others as well. Would definitely highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their game.


This guy knows his shit for sure. 500h+ on a hero and he got hero knowledge that i couldn't pick up over the time myself. As a GM level player, it astonished me how deep and well rounded his explanations were. 10/10 recommendation even for higher Tier players


Really opened my eyes to what my problems are... Number one problem is thinking about my actions, and how they have consequences. Thanks again, can't wait for our next session.

Trevor Zastawny

Very educational, i was really happy to learn more about my mistakes i made both that i saw and recognized and those i didn't. Many thanks to ioStux for his help


Honestly I don't know what to write. He told and showed me exactly what I need to learn to get a better performance, I'm just so saddened by how time flew so fast because I could have definitely sat there another 2 hours just soaking in everything he says. I learn the best when I have someone criticizing me in a well mannered, analytical and no bullshit way. So if you're tired, like me, of getting roasted in voice chat for your bad plays, get a session from ioStux where he can roast you nicely and you'll walk away feeling giddy and hopeful for improvement. He opens the door for you, It's up to you to walk through it.

Lorenzo Harvey Allchurch

ioStux gave me a completely different outlook on positioning in overwatch that I have started implementing with great success! He was very helpful, informative and was very knowledgeable in the game.


He has a third eye that gazes into your soul and reveals things about you that you didn't even know you knew, and opens your own eyes to it.

Tracer Player

Iostux will dissect your game and give you critical analysis on what you need to do to be a better player... This is as textbook as it gets in terms of gameplay knowledge and learning what you need to do..


Had my first session and it exceeded my expectations - ioStux is very knowledgeable and pointed out crutial mistakes that I didn't even realize I consistently made - mistakes that were holding me back. I've learned so much after just 1 coaching session - I highly recommend his services and look forward to my next one.


Just because you're good at something doesn't mean you can make someone else good at it just by talking. You also need to be able to explain yourself, and then explain the explanation, and drill all the way down to the basics to rewrite what someone's doing "wrong" from the ground up. This, I think, is what sets Iostux apart from other would-be coaches I've spoken with. He can get into a player's head from watching a vod and see right away where the problems are going to be in matches that haven't been played yet, AND he can show you in a relateable, professional way. No armwaving, no silly gimmicks, no hand-holding or abusive yelling, just good fixes that sound so obvious you'll wonder how you didn't think of them yourself. His ideas on how to improve gameplay go beyond "stand here shoot that bleep bloop we're robots" (even if you are a robot). When mistakes come up in your vods... and will they ever... he'll take the play apart piece by piece, show you where the mistake was really made, and then explain what you could've done to help. Sometimes that's "nothing". Far more often, it's not. Big ideas like positioning and gamesense and other stuff that's been turned into hours-long discussions on youtube get boiled down to small corrections that you can make right now and improve your own understanding of the game today. An hour listening to him talk to you, ABOUT you, is worth 50 slamming your head against the wall in comp learning these same lessons by attrition. I don't know what I'd be willing to pay to get those frustrating, missing hours of futility added back to my life, but it's a lot more than he asked for. I'm 100% happy with the experience and I look forward to doing it again when I hit that next plateau and start feeling lost again.


very detailed and thorough review, of your gameplay and what your job is and how to improve, would recommend to anyone who wants to improve


I'm not too good with this sort of thing but here goes! - Good explanations and examples for everything, - Clearly answered all the questions I had. - Brought up quite a few things I would not have thought of myself. One particularly good point was about what improvement actually is and how you should use "training data" to achieve understanding and then put your understanding into practice. - Kill feed sound cue, genius. - I don't know if it's just me but as there certainly was a lot of information presented and many things that can be improved upon discovered, maybe it would be a good idea to tell the coachee what they should start focusing on first. Some kind of roadmap? Priority list?


A well prepared lesson with great strategies put in place for improvement. ioStux was brutally honest and that is exactly what I needed, any coach that sugarcoats my skill level is never going to help me improve. Although frank, he was very friendly and was always willing to clarify any misunderstandings I had in any ideas/concepts we where going over and had some excellent analogies that made it very easy to understand exactly what he was talking about. Following a very thorough vod review he set in place some homework that ensures i'm on track to improve. I cannot stress enough how much I think every Overwatch player should have a vod professionally reviewed (it would certainly deflate a few egos). tl;dr a thoroughly prepared and structured session that is well worth your time if you are truly interested in improving.


Arbitrarily makes you feel like a dumby, but his advice and coaching process is sound, forcing you to think things out instead of just telling you.


Honestly super useful! Told me exactly how it was and why I am bad. What I should be paying attention to and where I should be. Pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. Gave me honest and good answers to the questions I had. Gave me realistic expectations on what should or would be happening in my games. Gave me a mental outset to "play to win, not to carry" Allowed me to ensure my maximum output in a game. THANKS DUDE!


let me open with that i really really suck at the Overwatch i mean am terrible but iostux helped me be less terrible, honestly i loved the bluntness of your coaching it really lets me reflect on how bad i really am i love that you don't hold anything back in your reviews and you call it like you see it.


Great coaching, learned so much about my mistakes in a small amount of time. Definitely would recommend!!


Had another Session with IoSTUX. We went over positioning and again it was very eye opening. Have a solid set of criteria to look at and see if I am in good places or bad places will be incredibly helpful.


ioStuX is a great guy and has an excellent community on his Discord server. I had been there for several months before I had my first session and thought I had learned quite a bit in the process. However, in one session of coaching, it changed how I looked at the game, and in a way that wasn't overwhelming or complicated. If you're on the fence about trying coaching out like I was, just do it. 10/10 will get more sessions in the future and would recommend to anybody looking to step up their game.


I have had two coaching sessions so far with IoSTUX and honestly they have both been incredibly eye opening. Not only has he simplified a few different things that I was wildly over thinking, but has given me great advice on fundamentals that I was overlooking. I have another session coming up soon and I can't wait. For tanks I play in masters and he is still able to school me on things that I would have never given a second thought. Since My first session I have been seeing a more consistent SR climb than before and overall more enjoyment out of the game, since winning is a lot more fun than losing.


Great coach, we went into a lot of different concepts and ultimately it was def worth the price 5/5 stars.


IoStux provided me with exactly what I was looking for: Clear and concise guidelines to focus on. I considered myself better than average but my coaching session made clear to me that I didn't understand some of the simplest concepts that make a good player in any game (not only Overwatch). I can't recommend his services enough and will certainly be coming back for further sessions.


You've hurt me on a deep, personal level. When you made fun of me after I gave you my heart it really cut deep and now I hate you and will do everything I can to stop you from coaching please pick up my phone calls again


"I would reccomend this to anyone, this guy has a subtle, personal nice touch to his coaching which makes it seem that a friend is helping you out.
Also every bit of info he gave we was valuable, some stuff I knew. But ALOT of basics I didn't . I reccomend this to anyone high or low.

I would describe IOSTUX as: Calm, patient, wise, objective, fast, efficiënt.

Keep it up IOSTUX you will be hearing from me again real soon!"


10/10 coach is able to make learning an engaging and thought provoking process while still being a down to earth guy


ioStux really helped me a lot! We talked through my positioning and how I can use certain aspects of positioning to better my game play and help me do my job better in my games. He was very straightforward with his approach and provided me with useful feedback for my play.


10 out of 10 This was absolutely amazing i learnt a lot i know why im not climbing what matters and Iostux was super friendly and was very honest with me i would recommend this to anybody i will be getting a lot of these coaching sessions they are the best (Note: Yes, this sounds like its bought, so much so in fact that I almost removed it lol)


simplified problems to get simple answers. So simple you'll feel pretty dumb for not thinking about it afterwards. Just don't go into the session expecting to be told "good job". In any case, he did a great job at explaining and teaching fundamentals that can be applied to all first person shooters. Totally worth it in my opinion :)


First of THANK YOU,
Iostux really opened my eyes with what i'm doing wrong (Basically i'm a pussy in going in :p)
he doesn't only say what you're doing wrong wich was alot with me but he also says what you're doing right and encourages to keep on doing that.
it's not only a review it's a conversation with a funny guy!!!!


Advices on point! Tried them in rankeds and instantly saw the effects. Also very nice to me and speak a bit slower because I'm not native english speaker :)


The session I think really helped me realize that what thought was wrong with me was actually fine.  I realized that what I thought I was doing right was actually completely wrong.  He goes into detail and is thorough.  I'd say it's 100% worth if you really want to know what you are doing wrong and want to improve!


Iostux is a straightforward guy he will teach you the tips but he will not just give you the tips. He makes you actually use your brain to think of what will help your gameplay and then explain it to you. He deconstructs things in such a way that anyone would be able to understand it.


Great session, I now know what the BIG flaw of my game is instead of just guessing at random little details that won't help me climb :)
Thanks a lot !

Nicholas Lewis

Patient and informative. We didn't have enough time to cover everything but what I got was gold. 10/10 Would recommend

Brother Shaw

Learned everything their is to know about positioning, at least relative to Overwatch. Very satisfied with what I got. I only wish I had time to ask about the other fundamentals.


He is very blunt and funny. Seems like a good guy and nice easy to talk to. He gets straight to the point and explains things he sees you doing wrong and things you need to correct. Gives you detailed information about the game that you otherwise wouldn't know. Definitely worth it if you are looking to be a better player!


I was utterly shocked, amazed even, about how well you coached our team. Informative and brutally honest, but it gets the point across on what needs to be done. Some moments were pretty funny and had a good time. Loved the session, man. :D


Coached my team pretty good, had lower expectations, but he amazed me and was very helpful and informative.

Jason (White+Moose)

Loved the coaching session, I really felt like after leaving the session that I left with some extra knowledge and that I left with a positive attitude. Loved the honesty and the humor involved with the session really felt like a interaction instead of some boring class you'd take in high school. The session not only looked at what I needed help on but what was relevant to my current skill level. The session really opened a greater understanding to  Overwatch that I really didn't think about before. Highly recommend and will probably do another one, this time with a VoD. ;/


I am impressed by the proficiency. I will be focusing on my bad in-game behevior that I didn't really see just by myself.
Thank you!


1st Session out of 6 was awesome.  We cleared up what my hero pool should be and what we need to work on before next session.  Thanks for your time and direction. ✌🏾

Red Witch

"At first, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from getting coaching in a video game. All I knew was that I was in a rut and failing to climb. Part of me was hoping that the coach had some divine wisdom; some secret sacred art that I had failed to process. Another part of me was thinking that spending X amount of money to get tutoring in a video game was a waste of time and resources.

I was wildly incorrect on both counts.

ioStux's coaching is practical. It is raw. It is, also, very necessary. Why I believe this? His adamant focus on the FOUNDATION. While my head was grasping at clouds hoping for a bird's eye view of what I needed to learn, he presented a straight-forward block in which my game should be built on.

It's about clear-cut goals. It's about putting in time. It's about understanding the BASICS of Overwatch in order to succeed.

He knows his stuff. And when you're mentally ready to start climbing, hire this individual. He won't steer you wrong."


The guy's understanding of the game as a whole and his ability to translate his knowledge to practical applications in any situation is undeniable and very useful to the coachee

Matt T

Brutally honest, exactly as I hoped.  ioStux broke down my flawed preconceptions and gameplay, and I feel prepared to advance now.  10/10


Great coach, had a good time and would totally recommend to anyone to have a great experience, coaching and not. You'll improve the next second you finish the session and start a game.
Definitely worth the money!


So, the coaching went very well. He will point out what you do wrong and how to learn. More importantly, actually do SOMETHING WRONG. Make mistakes that he can critique. He is very blunt and  very thorough, but if you give him nothing to look at, there's not much he can do on his end. If you want his coaching, be sure you can handle it. Otherwise, he's solid.


Really opened my eyes on what's wrong with my playstyle, what I should be doing instead and what to focus on. Straight to the point and enjoyable to talk to!


Second session with Iostux, really help me out figure out what i needed to work on, took time to explain me why those mistake were important and how to fix them. Would totally recommand to someone who's stuck at their present rank and don't know how to keep improving.


I just had my first session and I've got something to tell you: if you're looking for a coach that tells you that you're doing a good job and cares about your feelings look elsewhere. If you want a coach that is going to tell you where your faults lie so that you'll actually improve then ioStux is the man. I highly recommend his coaching services!


"He pointed me in the right direction when I was focusing on something that really wasn't what was holding me back.
He isn't going to tell you things that make you feel good or pay you compliments or anything like that, but he is going to tell you shit that will help you step out in the right direction towards improving as a player"


"The coaching was much better than anticipated. ioStux professionally answered every question I had and debunked some false information I picked up on the internet.
Attending the coaching gives you a solid foundation to base your play on.
I highly recommend this coaching 5* and I will certainly book another coaching asap. If you consider to book do it quick since the slots are filled quickly."


Great session! Learned alot about how to review my own gameplay such as not focusing too much on my aim an that I had more fundamental problems such as engagement and target priority. Definitely worth the money.

Justin Alexander aka Parzival

These sessions are like skydiving. You cant really explain it to other people. You just tell them they will have to do it themselves to find out.


There is, without question, a certain something that separates iostux from nearly every other coach I’ve had whether in gaming or outside if it. He understands each level of play and can quickly and effectively identify the next major weakness hindering progression in play. More importantly, he arms you with the tools to continue to improve on your own well after your sessions with him. I could not recommend coaching from iostux any higher.


Session #2 even more amazing than the first, my mistakes were again clear and the reasoning behind them cleared up. Definitely buying a third.


Had yesterday my first session.
So much knowledge and very good examples to explain the game mechanics and help me out.
I really enjoyed this session. See you next time:-)


Although I went into this session feeling prepared, ioStux made many points showing that this wasn't the case, very quickly. He really knows what he is talking about and can express it in simple terms that you will be able to understand, no matter your skill. He graciously destroyed my Soldier76 ego with his comments about "JUST doing my job" and not playing like someone that wants to win, but rather, someone that doesn't want to lose.His ability to call out the win condition of a team fight was worlds beyond my own in VOD analysis. He is strict like a good coach should be.

Overall, highly recommended!

Rivo K.

I went into the coaching nervous on just how in-depth its going to be, but shortly after starting the session that was wiped away. IoStux went into detail from my hero pool, to what i aspire to gain out of becoming a better player. ioStux was able to identify key things that i wouldn't have been able to realize myself and provided a considerable amount of information and documentation on what i need to do in order to improve as a player. Once i have improved a bit and hit another roadblock, i will be sure to get another session!

gustavk2 (I think he misspelt it, should be gustav2k?)

Very helpful first session, showed me that I played my main (McCree) very wrong and taught me what to do instead. Also taught me useful techniques for improving on my own by watching my vods. Would recommend.


Another amazing session that provided the fundamentals of good positioning and how to utilise it.


Very extensive session regarding all sorts of aspects of overwatch. It was only an hour long but we covered a lot! I wish we could have talked for many more hours but just in that one hour, my eyes were opened. The things I was worrying about most turned out to be very insignificant in the grand scheme of things and he provided me ways to think differently and more effectively.
Very easy guy to talk to as well and is honest. He will just straight up tell you what he thinks and doesn't mess around. Straight to the point, which is what I like.
Very useful diagrams were provided and we looked over my VoD and analysed my positioning which was a really big eye opener.
I used to think I knew what I was doing and that it was all about my aim or mouse sensitivity but my perspective has changed now and I am grateful for that!
If I have any further questions, he will be more than happy to answer them too!
In conclusion, I highly recommended Iostux. So be ready to have your eyes opened and to think differently and more effectively


Very professional attitude, went very in-depth with explanations every topic discussed as well as the questions I had.
First session was INSANELY informative and eye-opening, will surely get more in the future.
For the price it's well beyonf worth it, get it and do yourself a favor. Having someone explain what you are doing wrong so well is great!
also sexy af voice no homo


The coaching, as always was super helpful. He is really good at saying those obvious little things that people never really think about for some reason.It was a little short this time, but i'm assuming its because hes been super busy with all his sale sessions hes had.


I did an hour with ioStux. He was patient, forthright, and gave very practical ways to both absorb the information and put it into practice.

I've gone 5-1 since my session and I would highly recommend.


-People like to overgenerealize things, oh this food is to die for, when in reality it is barely above average Iostux knows what he is doing. I could care less for all they yelling and sutff that he does. He gives a shit and knows how to play this game. And well. He gave me useful guides tips as well as ways for myself to improve. YourOverWatch can screw themselves, io does his job well, I feel that now I have an idea of how to build my foundation and climb I am overly joyed that I had this as it really seems like this will aid me. For once, it was not over hyped, it was pretty damn good. Thanks io, I hope to see you in GM some time (thanks to trickyhunter for reference to him)


I made the mistake of going off of YouTuber's advice on how to improve and climb. But even the highest quality players don't possess the skill set ioStux does. He's able to pinpoint every single flaw in your gameplay within minutes. It's very humbling and eye-opening to have someone be able to dissect even the tiniest aspects of your gameplay. I highly recommend hiring ioStux if you ACTUALLY want to improve.


This was extremely helpful in more ways than I could imagine. It's not just one of those coaching sessions where your mistakes in a game just get pointed out, but rather a deeper insight into not only what you should be doing but why. I've learned more about how to actually play Overwatch competitively in the last 60 minutes than I have over the past months of watching guides.

John W. O.

Iostux is a remarkable coach. He understands the importance of learning things for yourself and doesn't hold your hand through the things you have to understand. He is blunt when necessary, but never discouraging. Of course, he has a stellar grasp of the game that reflects in his ability to explain both concrete and abstract concepts. On top of this, he is a funny guy and he doesn't lose your focus easily.


Fantastic coach, I am a low level GM player and Widowmaker main with secondary Tracer and McCree. ioStux was able to go through one VOD of my Tracer play and pick out a ton of issues, my minset being my biggest problem. I clearly have a lot to work on in that department and I am definitely purchasing another TWO hours at least. I need to bring more heroes to the table and focus on more than just Widowmaker, this piled on with my mindset are the two biggest issues that have been dragging down my play. I highly recommend you buy a session or two, you will not be disappointed.

Ibrahim A. (He actually made it to Top 500 now!)

I took this session because I felt stuck at 4000 and couldn't get any higher, after the session I played 5 games and won all 5 to hit 4100. Enough said... JUST KIDDING! Felt a whole new player after I took the session and that's not all that's provided, the fact that I can get an analysis of footage anytime is absolutely insane as well as ask any questions. I don't think it'll take too long for me to hit top 500. THANK YOU THANK YOU


After having been following ioStux on Youtube for a little while, I knew that getting a session with him would prove beneficial. I wasn't wrong.
Your first session will forcibly turn you around and shove you in the right direction.
If you're here reading this review, then you want to get better at OW. Stop thinking about it and get a session.


Master Stux at it again! For this session I asked ioStux to watch my gameplay live in a QP match and he was able to pretty much instantly tell me what I needed to work on. So we hopped in a custom game and he ran me through some 1 on 1 drills to help me with my engagements. We focused on Tracer, staying at optimum shooting distance and did some one-clip drills. With some practice this will really help my gameplay!

NotAvailable (yeah, that's actually his name)

Session was eye-opening, Very straight forward and to the point. Quality tips and very helpful.


ioStuck gave me some specific things to work on and think about every game I play. Great coaching session!


I am new to the game and he basically summarized everything about the game in 1 hour while still showing me a VOD review and answering any questions I have had. Very nice and friendly. I give him 5 stars out of 5.


He doesn't pull punches but he tells you what you need to know and what you need to improve. Would do again.


The lesson definitely pushed me in the right direction in order to improve. He told me my biggest problems, how to fix them and answered all of my questions in the most honest way possible.


I spent a decent amout of my free time on trying to improve in Overwatch, especially by watching pro players and looking at my own gameplay to see how I can improve myself. I didn't manage to climb even though I saw my mechanics getting better.

ioStux explained to me thoroughly how to play a flanker well and what things I need to accomplish in order to win a game.
He even pointed out a big mistake, which I wasn't able to make out by myself.

He took his time to answer me every question I asked him and used to examples to get the points he makes across.

Generally I feel like buying a session is worth it, especially since it allows you to ask him every question you might have on your mind for a whole year.


Great shit, five stars


Was a good session, taught me how to figure out my problems rather than just how to fix them in that one match. Being given the tools to figure things out myself gives a lot of future value to these lessons


I've really enjoyed my first actual coaching session! ioStux's answered all my questions clearly, offered great resources for future improvement and I've really appreciated his hands-on approach to teaching concepts. Thank you for having patience with me, and I'll definitely schedule a new session in the near future!


This was my fourth coaching session, and it was easily one of the best. As a Master level Lucio main, I felt stuck, and didn't know what I could do better. ioStux pointed out my major mistakes, and gave me really solid advice on how I can be more effective. 10/10, absolutely worth the money.


Awesome review like usual. Had a great session explaining me what I did wrong with Zarya and that's not all, ioStux is dedicated as fuck. He checks up on my every once in a while when I'm streaming and comes in with advice and stuff.
This coach cares about his coachees and it's one of his many great features. I highly recommend a session with him with all my heart.
ioStux, you're a beast!


The session was surprisingly good, and not exactly what I expected. During the session I didn't particularly feel like I had been told anything particularly special, but when I was telling my friends about what I'd learned I actually had a whole lot to tell - and I didn't even tell them half of it. I was given some specific advice about how to figure things out on my own as well and that really lived up to the promise Iostux made - I saw its effects immediately and, even though I had reviewed very little of my own gameplay, I already managed to spot not only the things I did wrong in many, many, MANY games, but also how I should be doing them better - and none of it was fed to me or told me by someone else.

On top of the raw usefulness of the coaching, I also found Iostux quite pleasant to talk to. He was relaxed and straightforward - he comes off as quite a no-nonsense kind of person but he was very patient and fair. The session was also incredibly well prepared - on top of all of the personalized things I got told by him directly, he also had a wealth of information he posted to me at the start that I could make use of at any time. He explained everything clearly and thoroughly and let me ask as many questions as I wanted, and seemed quite confident that his coaching methods are effective.

The only thing I should say, is that Iostux' coaching does really seem like something that would be only beneficial to someone who is very invested in getting better at the game. It doesn't seem like it's targeted at casual players, though, I highly doubt any casual players would actually be interested in coaching in the first place.

Also, I should note that there is no magic method, no "pros hate him learn this one trick that makes you into a top 500 instantly". You do have to work to get better yourself, you just get taught how to do so very, very efficiently. I would recommend this if you're serious about getting better at Overwatch (though I feel the things I've learned could be applied to any competitive game such as League as well).

Lastly, if you feel a session is too pricey, I got my session during the launch of this website, where there were discounts on them (I couldn't afford the regularly priced sessions). I don't know if he will do discounts more often, but he has done them before so, if you can't afford a session now, you may be able to afford one during a discount period.

It's definitely worth it.


This was my 3rd session. It was very helpful, as it helped unravel several issues with my gameplay with a specific hero, so now I can better understand how to act and how to proceed a fight. An eyeopener session, thanks!!


Really enjoyed my first session! IoStux put everything into perspective and really made it clear which areas of my game I need to work on. Looking forward to my next session!


The session was very educational and mindblowing as it showed me the biggest weakness I have and what I should do to improve more effectively. Also, Isotux is very friendly,funny, and intimidating too (LOL), but that's just his way and I think it works for the purpose of making you learn and realizing your mistakes.


Great, Funny and awesome advice :)


Stellar coaching that highlights the faults in your play-style before pinpointing what to improve and how. Cannot recommend enough.

Cryptic Nova

This was a absolutely amazing experience its definitely worth the buy!! It was alot better then i expected His advice was amazing and he had the patience of a God we got to cover so many things and he answered all the questions i had if you want to get better this is the best way and plus hes a pretty funny person so it never gets awkward id recommend this for people of all skill level


Went over a VoD review and immediately recognized and corrected my mistakes, as well as talked in depth about mindset and talked about motivation. He wasn't gentle, but it was what I needed to hear


I've just had my first coaching session with IOSTUX and it was fucking awesome! SOOO much value in just one session, it's incredible. IOSTUX is amazing, this guy is a real pro and knows it all. HIGHLY recommend it! I have a completely transformed approach to the game now and will climb the ladders inevitably. THANKS!!!

Jaqen H'ghar

HOLY CRAP! I knew this guy was good going into the session. If you have watched any of his videos online you will know what I mean. However, I didn’t know he was THAT good! He explains things very clearly, in great detail, and in a way that’s fun and is easy to internalize.

In just one session I feel like my thought process around this game has been turned on its head. He has an amazing coaching methodology that I can only imagine will become even more refined with the amount of coaching he’s doing. He showed me ways to think about the game that would definitely help anyone improve over time if they put them into practice. He also showed me how to improve on my own outside of our sessions.

One thing I mentioned was that I wanted to improve my positioning. At the end of the session he showed me a methodology for evaluating any position. This can be applied to finding the best position in a situation on any map. It blew my mind. Also, he didn’t just tell me the answer he allowed me to work through myself while guiding me along the way.

I didn’t know it was possible to convey so much useful information in one session. There was no fluff. The entire time he was giving clear actionable information. Whether it be it about the game itself or even my thinking in regards to why I want to improve.

He answered my questions before I even had to ask them but still gave me the opportunity to ask questions throughout. I took notes on a legal pad during the session and after reading through them I already have a rigorous training program that would definitely allow me to become a better player. I can’t thank ioStux enough and I look forward to many more sessions and continuing my training.

If you are thinking about getting coaching, or want to improve, taking a session with ioStux would probably be the absolute best thing you could do. (Followed by actually putting in the work.)


If you are looking to improve your gameplay, getting an assessment from iostux will, without a doubt, help you in the right direction. His advice/knowledge is the sum of all the best content out there, added with his own take on the game. Iostux's understanding of the game has minimal clutter and all logical/practical ways to enhance you as a player.

1. Flexible on scheduling
2. Immense knowledge with games
3. German friendly (logical)
4. Willingness for you to improve

1. Cost of $40 (which really isn't a drawback)

Skip a lunch or two and improve your gameplay for time indefinite.


Was a great session, I send iostux a vod where I knew it wasnt my best round as tracer and thought that there were maybe aim problems and decision problems from my side. But he found such a big problem (standing to near with tracer at the enemy) that I didnt saw after watching it 3 times before the session. He showed me in a custom match how I make it myself hard etc. And the perfect range that I should keep which helped so much. As we watched the vod more and I did so often the same mistake I felt more and more stupid everytime I did it again. But he also tells you what you did good so you dont feel completly dumb :d. Can highly recommend him.


I have had the gameplay review and the player assessment sessions, I am not sure which session this review will fall under but both were great. The gameplay review session was extremely detailed and thoroughly critical. I have never cringed so hard at my gameplay before. He shows you exactly what you are doing wrong and makes absolutely sure you understand how bad those mistakes are, but he also gives you solutions to the problems and then makes absolutely sure you understand why those solutions work.Both of the sessions I have booked have been exactly what I hoped and more.


Just finished up my session with this guy, really chill dude who can provide really good world of warcraft conversation. Oh also overwatch conversation, I guess. But seriously, really patient and takes the time to go through everything with you effectively and really puts things in perspective for you in order to get you on your road to improvement. 11/10 would recommend.


As a masters player I already knew a lot of the concepts the iostux was talking about but it was still a valuable experience to refresh my self on these concepts and see if I was applying them in a proper manner. Though the sessions I gained a better understanding of what I needed to improve on and it improved my general knowledge base as well as my understanding core fundamental concepts that every player should know about. Id like to have went through more of the vod but time concentrates and all that, but all in all I definitely got my moneys worth.


Awesome! Iostux went through all my doubts and question, I'm really satisfied since he gave me straight and concrete ways to improve my mindset and consistency. I'll sure take more sessions, and I would recommend everyone to do the same.


Not my first coaching session by him. The fact that I (and other people) keep getting lessons by iostux is a good enough proof of his knowledge and skills.
The mechanical training was effective and actually helped me noticing some problems with my aim not only with tracer (who was the focus of my lession) but also on my aim in general.
Definetly recommended, whatever your skill level might be.


Excellent coaching!
Iostux is very knowledgeable about the game. However, you most likely know that being a good teacher/coach isn't only about knowledge. How the info is given to the student is just as important. Anyone can just endlessly spout criticisms and facts "You did this wrong" "X is a better pick here." fortunately, iostux's delivery is just as excellent as his knowledge. Demonstrating traits that great teacher's have, he ensured the info he was passing on was translated to working, actionable knowledge that I understood for myself.
All around great teacher. I would highly recommend to others, and for myself, it is unlikely this will be my last session.


Feels very unusual but it definitely works.


The session was spot on as usual.
Iostux is very flexible in finding a certain approach to help you improve. And since I had certain issues and questions we deicded to work on them specificly instead of going over a vod this time.

He gave me tips on how I could change my decisionmaking and mindset in order to improve my game and overcome general missconceptions.

We looked at some parts of the game I struggled especially with and he gave me advice on how to handle it.

And as we were playing around he showed my some little yet mindblowing tricks that I will use to improve my game.

The session was as always held in a very amicable, relaxed and supportive fashion and I can't wait to try everything ingame.

I do recommend this sessions highly without any reservation to everyone who wishes to improve their overwatch game.


Amazing session, I learned so much. It really is true what other reviews say.. You will feel very stupid, but it is also worth it.

I can't wait to put these tips into practice and eventually see how my game improves.

Thanks again, and expect another session with me in the future :d

Stacie .


Iostux is very friendly and knowledgeable. Gr8 teaching style and information. I r8 8/8 (or 5/5 in this situation.)

Now there's hope for me to reach master before season 4 ends..

P.S. Just remember when you book a lesson, the time shown is in cet.. ;).


10/10 session, got stux`s blood pressure through the roof with cancer giving gameplay and winning a undeserved match. Learned what I need to improve on as usual.

Stux is very personal which makes the entire session comfortable ( ?° ?? ?°) and dont worry about anything being said getting leaked, stux respects you if you respect him. (also he cant say anything about whats said during sessions even if you are a dick)

If you really want to improve but struggle with doing so I reallyl recommend iostux, even if its minor. He might see something you have never noticed in your gameplay which holds you back or will help you with understanding the game and how the game works.

10/10 would be told how much they suck by stux again.


This session was extremely useful. Iostux brought up multiple issues that I wasn't focused and gave me numerous tips on how to solve them. Would definitely recommend.


Fantastic. I will get a new session later.. 7 minutes of my gameplay took about an hour. I can highly recommend :d.


I've worked with a couple of coaches now, but iostux remains one of my favourite. I've worked with him for 2 months now, doing 2 coaching sessions per month and I've climbed from 2400 sr to 3600 sr. He's incredibly detailed in his explanations and really takes the time to break down both the macro as well as micro problems in your game. Highly recommended 5/5.


Great experience as usual :)

Had at least 3 aha moments and learned a ton of stuff.

Thank you!.


He showed me clear steps to get better at Overwatch. Answered my questions, and gave some tough love. The only thing I want to note is that we were unable to spend much time on the actual vod review, so don't worry about submitting "The perfect clip."

Overall, 5/5, one of the most helpful hours of learning I've ever spent.


A great lesson, iostux is a great teacher and the mechanical training not only helps in the short term but he teaches you lessons that you can take with you long after the session is over. Well worth it! .


Playing on my smurf I’ve realized how bad my positioning was and I waste a lot of time doing stupid things. I think I’ve took these bad habits to my main too, explains the skill drop after that. The live watch2gether vod review is pretty good. Like he knows what you were thinking then when you are going for a particular move and he’ll tell you what you should be doing and shouldn’t be through out the game play. I’ll get back to the review after a few days again after implementing the correct thinking process and things I’ve learnt.


This was by far the best coaching session I had with iostux so far. The other ones were damn good as well, but you can tell he improved his way of coaching quite a lot. The examples along with the explanations make you realise where your mistakes were exactly and how you can find the way to fix them. Also, he explained some damn useful stuff I never heard about that helped me understand the game much better. Overall I rate it 10/10, totally worth the time and the money.


Very detailed first session. Looking forward to the next one!.


Helpful vod review, pointed out some serious flaws in gameplay. Hilarious guy, could barely breathe I was laughing so much. Hopefully his tough love will burn into my brain how much of a reintard I really am! (he's also nice!).


Incredibly and surprisingly critical session.

I opted into this expecting to get out with little improvement and was a little nervous that I wouldn't be torn apart  oh boy was I in for a treat. The only real way to summarise the session would be to say that firstly, I was taught how to play overwatch in general, then I was constructively bullied into being good and was forced to cringe at my own gameplay.

Yet, as promised, iostux managed to still find something positive about the vod I sent in despite my gameplay being actually awful.

I will definitely be purchasing a follow up session when I see a plateau in my skill and rank, also he's a chill dude really.


He pointed out things I wouldn't normally think of as mistakes, and tells you exactly what you need to do to overcome it. :).


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you iostux. Iostux is just like a pile of money. People want him so badly. When people easily understand his coaching, they feel so absolutely amazed and glad they took the lesson. People then wipe off their sweat and try their very best to remember everything this amazing man has taught them. Overall good lesson, pretty shocking results however still need practice. Once again very friendly and answers all the questions you have. This guy deserves my 3 ow lenny faces
(??•e•??) (:???) /(/ /•/?/•/ /)/.


Here is the buyer’s review for your service: had a blast talking with/learning from iostux, the man's knowledge is incredible. He had an answer to every question I threw at him and took his time to explain concepts with me.

I would highly recommend his services if you're looking to up your game and/or increase your knowledge of the game. Couldn't have been happier and look forward to following up with more lessons in the future.


The lesson was nice. He was ok with some banter and his knowlge about the game was kinda insane. It was worth the 20$ for whatever rank you are. Just be honset with him then you will be fine. And be prepeard for feeling dumb. Beacsue whatever rank you are we can all do better. :d from kappagods.


Reposting review here.

I got a lot out of the session. I didn’t prepare too many questions because I booked the session mostly to be evaluated and given direction and I received both in spades. When I review my own play I saw a lot of the mistakes that iostux mentioned but was completely lost on the appropriate way to fix them or even what the first step to fixing them was. The session delivered exactly what I hoped and I actually feel like I have goals for my improvement again. Gg would recommend, exactly what I hoped for!


Iostux is a natural teacher. It is like working with a college professor or someone very well versed in the subject matter that you are covering. His methods are socratic, challenge you, and make it feel encouraging that you can improve. He's patient and will go the extra mile to get you to where you need to be. I would 100% recommend him to anyone interested in overwatch coaching. This is more than just a couple of bullet points to discuss. He will go into the core of what you're doing wrong and how you can improve. This can't be learned by just watching youtube videos or reading reddit. A+.


I ordered the overwatch player assessment with iostux, the points he covered were extremely helpful (ranging from how to correctly warm up to prioritising targets)
He is a very good coach I would highly recommend if you are trying to improve.


Just as amazing as the last one. 2 lessons in a row (day by day) and we where abel to go over more of my vod. He had some good inputs on my gameplay. And got a bit triggerd by my "Aim training". But it was all in good fun, thx so much for the lesson see you in 6 8 weeks :d
>from kappagods.


It was an overall highly valuable coaching session.

First iostux gave me a solid strategical advice about my positioning and then added the tactical part on how to avoid being one shotted (or even win) a fight with the biggest counter heroes for my class.

>from the vod review just after 5 minutes he saw a big (game sense) mistake I was making and showed me a way to exploit those situations in future.

To summarize   the coaching with iostux saved me probably be hundreds of hours, where I may (or may not) come up with the stuff I learned in just an hour.

Highly recommended five star coach.

Thank you!



Iostux is an awesome coach! He was really straightforward with both my strengths and weaknesses, so it was really helpful on identifying what I needed to work on. He's also really engaging when he teach the different concepts and strategies on improving. The way that he coaches, I think, is extremely helpful with developing your own independent thinking skills for improving on your own. Would definitely recommend to anyone who's looking to further improve in ow!.


Really opened my eyes on what I had been doing wrong. Very friendly and goes in depth with the major mistakes. Definitely worth the price tag. This gave me some motivation to really work on and improve. Love you iosux, iostux* (??•e•??).


I took the mechanics session and the last thing that you could say about it is that it was "Bad". Iostux helped me improve my aim by a ton and see overwatch as a slow paste game, which made me aim way better. He showed me how do I aim in a better way than just "Tracking", and taught me how to oneclip with tracer. Definitely recommended. (????)?.


Iostux helped me learn exaclty what my mistakes were from the start. He helped point out exactly what I could of done better and the mistakes I made at the moments. Guy is hilarious but makes great critques on the vod. Would for sure do another session with him.


My aim felt so much better after just this one session! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their aim.


Super awesome guy! Really knows his information and is able to get a point across in an effective way without being rude about anything. Definitely makes you question your own thought process when you play. Most def getting another lesson, worth every penny.


I went into this coaching session expecting to hear the things I've been hearing all over the internet already: "Keep good positioning", "Warm up before you play", "Don't use too many ults". I am very glad to say this was not the case. Coach explained how you can and why you need to actually position yourself better. I know other people have said this in their reviews as well and I would 100% agree that coach iostux has said things I didn't even know I needed to hear.

Do you know the 5 simple rules of positioning? You may think you do but you might not even know some of those!

The content was great, I learned many new things that I will try to now implement in my games and I'm sure they will help me tremendously. But wait, there's more. The manner in which the lesson was conducted was superb. At exactly the appointed hour I got messaged and everything we needed to get going the coach had already set up. He had links for everything. He was prepared with a link to watch the vod together, with a link where he can draw and I can see it real time etc. Etc.

All in all, I couldn't be happier. I got the value out of my money and then some. I would recommend this lesson and coach to everybody. Or in other words:I rate great out of eight.


Iostux was very professional, friendly and helpful. I've learned a lot of important stuff just in a single session, would certainly recommend it.


Great coaching. When he gets to review your gameplay he notices mistakes in what you thought you do right. In everything: positioning, teamplay, proper ult usage and etc. And the amount of useful information he gives you on your first coaching session is immense. First coaching session is worth its 20$. If you think, that you play right, and don't know what to do, then this coaching session is for you.


Iostux pointed out things I didn't even know I didn't know. I mean in terms of "Professional services" this was the best $20 I've spent in a long time.


He definitely showed me a lot of things I wouldn't have seen and his knowledge for the game is clearly large. I also felt dumb during the review with the mistakes he was pointing out that I didn't notice.

I recommend getting a review and a assessment from him, he clearly can help someone with their issues and showing you all your problems!.


Helped me a lot with identyfing some of my problems with aim just watching the first minutes of my vod.
Professional, knowledgeable and sometime a little too honest on his assesments. Always available for answering questions.
A+ coach.


Fantastic session with great resources. Have been coached before by others, but iostux was by far the best. Definitely looking forward to the next session.


Yet another great session!.


Great session as always.


Great session that was definitely worth the $20. Easy to talk to and very insightful. I have a ton to practice after just looking at the first 5min of footage in the vod I submitted. Will be signing up for more sessions in the future without a doubt in my mind about whether or not I'm gonna learn something new.


Here is the buyer’s review for your service: coaching session on march 6th, 2017 was very helpful! It gave me a good idea of where my aim was at, and where it needs to go. Iostux was very patient and helpful with the coaching, gives encouraging words and inspires me to try harder and git gud, not feel bad about being bad.


The coaching session was great! Just through this session alone, my aim improved a lot. You can call it a 'one stop session to git gud aim' and I am not joking or just saying for the sake of a good review. It is the truth. Iostux also gives good advice and is a very fun person! Wish my session was longer haha.


Insightful coach with quite a lot of helpful advice. He also makes sure to assess you as a person and delivers important information on critical factors that makes a good play and how you can get there. He also speaks fluent german :d.


This was honestly mind blowing. He made me see the game in a totally new perspective and he even made me see overwatch as a *slow* game :)
This definitely not just helped with my 'mechanics' but also made my brain actually think while playing, just as it's supposed to be.
Definitely recommend, and easy 5/5 :).


The coach is really skilled and patient. The training was little bit boring but it dose help and he also answered all my questions well. Definitely recommend .


Worked on ana mechanics, quick scoping/sleep dart firing techniques.Helped me a lot and the coach was really friendly and knowledgeable.Recommended.


He was (and still is a great coach), in the session my aim was already getting a bit better. He was gaving tips throughout the whole session while I can throw random thoughts or question in where he always had an answer for :). And it was fun to practice with him as the time flew by in this session definitely not my last session I will book with him. Can recommend him.


I am amazed on how much I learned. In just a couple mins of gameplay I was shown so much in what I need to improve on. I was beyond impressed and will continue to use his service in the future. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve at any rank.


Made me feel dumb during the vod review, and told me a lot of stuff I would have never considered on my own. Definitely worth the $20!.


What to say, this first session was great yet really confronting!

We started the coaching session and I expected to get confronted with the reality of my gameplay. Ofcourse this happened and it felt intimidating at times. But how cant it be when you're being coached and pointed to all your flaws, which you sometimes dont see or dont understand?

Iostux has shown me in this first session (of more to come), that there is a lot to work on and sticked with reality. No sugarcoating and hard facts yet in a good and progressive way.

In this case we worked on my symmetra gameplay. At first I wanted to skip it as I wanted to get to my zarya gameplay, but as we went through her gameplay and my flaws were pointed out, I came to realise that this session has been more valuable than it would have been if we focussed on zarya gameplay.

We only needed about 9 minutes of vod gameplay and iostux went as far as joining the game with me in a custom session to help me improve my understanding of the game by actual gameplay.

I'm happy and proud to be coached by iostux and am confident that he can get me to improve in ways that I would have never been able to do or even see myself.



Iostux once again delivered an a+ session. I will be going back to him every week for as long as possible as I watch my sr grow.


Iostux is using great tools that are improving and support the coaching session by alot. You will always get visualized what you are talking about in the coaching sessions,
He is a nice, sympathic guy to talk to that makes the session really enjoyable.
Things also will get visualized if needed by joining a custom game with him and trying/showing stuff that is helpful.
This guy is also very truthful about you and himself. He has no problem to admit that he said something wrong (that is very rarely) or to tell you where you are bad at.
But what I like most about him is his dedication. He answers always the question I ask when I'm not at the session. And he will not just cut the session because the time is over, instead he will, if possible, make a reasonable end, where all parties are satisfied.

Btw I'm not mentioned that he is skilled, because every season 4k rating speaks for itself.

For me personally, this one of best coaches you can probably can get.


Solid session. The dude helped me with stuff I couldn't figure out on my own or grind through repetition. 100% recommended. He should definitely use a proper calendar to schedule sessions, though. Doodle.Com is not suitable :).


Was very helpful, showed me several very important mistakes that I was missing myself.


He laid everything out in easy to understand terms, never made me feel stupid for not knowing something, and easily distinguished problems that I had, and gave me things to work on and improve on. Definitely recommend a session.


Thanks for the coaching session, really helpfull.
This guy go throught everything you do and dont miss any mistakes or good plays you’ve made and asks you questions about why you shouldnt have done that or why it was good to do this, just to look your knowledge and if you dont know it then he tells you why and everything.
Friendly and helpfull, I really do recommand him.
10/10 thanks m8.


Really cool dude, pointed out mistakes I couldn't see, provided knowledge and very useful tips.


Fantastic criticisms, on point where flaws lie and doesn't soften anything up to make it easy to swallow.

Russell Ives

Really eye opening experience. Iostux is honest and not afraid to mince words. In addition to giving invaluable tips on gameplay improvements, he also teaches you how to improve. I firmly believe that with his recommendations I will be able to make substantial improvements over the coming months.


Helped me alot.


Incredible session, accurately identified exactly what I was doing wrong and made me very conscious of positioning.
I have done a lot of free vod reviews in the past but this was by far the most eye opening session I've ever gotten.
Going to start climbing up to masters! <3.


Awesome session as always, tracer is slow as fuck now :d.


He coached very well. Answered all my questions with great information, and reviewed part of my game play. Within that night I rose 300 sr and am slowly climbing now. Thanks man!.


I had an amazing coaching session with iostux about, well, coaching. It was not your typical coach coaching a player to get better, but a coach coaching another coach, which was myself, for me to improve on my coaching skills. :d I defiantly learned a lot from the session, and hope to improve my coaching skills to help other players and teams! I would highly recommend iostux's coaching sessions for those that are looking to improve as a player, and as a coach!.


Awesome coach to work with. Really kind dude and easy to talk to so don't be shy about getting coaching lessons. He had a whole process that is well thought out and really opens your mind to see the game isn't as fast paced as you think it is. Really worth taking the time to get coached by this man. Personally when I was finished with the session, it made aiming a whole lot easier and not a thing that I need to think about and be conscious of.


Really big eye opener, changed my way of looking at the game, ults and positioning especially. Will be very honest and will point out every single thing that needs to be said. Strongly recommend if you want to improve.


Awesome concepts and trainings.


Very clear and to the point, no sugar coating as it should be and I feel like I got a good grasp of the things to work on.


Never thought my arm could actually get tired playing video games. Another eye opener, and it was pretty fun too.


Iostux was very honest with me and pointed out the apprent small mistakes that I made that turned out to be potentially game changing.
I do really recommend a coaching session as it is eye opening.


This one was for my friend. He really liked it because the flaws he didn't knew before were all pointed out.


Provided all the information I needed and more importantly even more of the information I didn't even know I needed.


My second coaching session and it was flat out amazing. Very eye opening. Spectated me live and was telling me what I was doing wrong in the moment. He definitely knows his stuff and is worth your money.


As always, the session was immensely informative, this time so much so that all of the questions I had arranged before going in were answered during the session, and I think, if I recall correctly, were answered before halfway through. I had no questions by the end of the session. Great as always =) this session was so directly on point with what I wanted from it, I don't even know what to say about it. Worth it 150%.


I learned why some of my heroes were much more effective than others, and how to effectively "Carry" a badly performing team. I also got solid advice on how to do effective vod reviews that improve my performance.


Even at my low level, this coaching session was super helpful.


Very helpful and enabled me to see my mistakes without just listing them off. Very high energy and was very motivated to help me become a better play. Fantastic.


Iostux really does exceed expectations. He is a very straight forward guy that isn't going to sugar coat anything and is going to tell you why your struggling and how to improve it. I definitely see my self continuing coaching sessions with him and would highly recommend booking a session.
I am a grand master player (high master player on a bad day lmao) and I found great value from this session.


Yosh! Always nice to learn something new.